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I recently watched the Documentary, “THE SIGN.”

You can watch it in High Definition on the official AT&T website…. Click on this link to see the full version!

I would like to state that Yom Kippur takes place this Sunday according to and according to my understanding.  This should begin the final 50th year of the Solar Jubilee.  Please refer to these images when watching the documentary…


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Passover 2018 Begins a New 1260 Day Cycle!

Daniel Chapter 12 Graph with 1260 + 1290 days and 1335 days that point to Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) Yom Kippur (Atonement) and Shavuot (Pentecost).

The 2,500 year old prophetic Book of Daniel chapter 12 speaks of the end days or the days we are now living and may point to Passover 2018 as a significant Feast Day.  The 3 sets of days- the 1260, 1290 and 1335 days fit amazingly well between the Feasts of Yom Teruah (YT), Yom Kippur (YK) and Shavuot, which leads me to believe that those days are appointed for YHVH’S Feasts and can’t be explained rationally apart from them.  If anyone out there can suggest a better pattern or understand how these days might be explained in a more logical fashion, then please contact me, otherwise let me explain in how well they fit with the Feasts by you viewing the image to the left titled, “Daniel Chapter 12”.

There are certain years where Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets seems to be more significant than other years.  Yom Teruah 2014 was such a year with significance.  I believe that the Creator is so Omnipotent that He has literally guided past events that will coincide with future events.   As you will notice on the image, I have stated “Either Yom Teruah 2014 or 2017”.  Starting on YT 2014 and adding 2,550 days brings the future date to YK 2021. Likewise, beginning on YT 2017 and adding 2,550 brings the future date to YK 2024.  Both these dates as well as other dates can be validated on Time and Date as well as  Other years simply do not add up on landing on future YK because of intercalation or the difference of 86 vs 87 moon cycles.  The years that DO NOT line up with the Feasts because of intercalation either on the Jewish Calendar or are the 2,550 days between YT 2011 to YK 2018 (except for the Jewish calendar),YT 2012 to YK 2019, YT 2013 to YK 2020, YT 2015 to YK 2022 and YT 2016 to YK 2023.  So, we are dealing with a special period of time that we find ourselves in the middle of.   Here is a great video by Gavin Finley for more information on this.

In addition, the 1,335 days fit precisely from YT to Shavuot.  The scripture states, “Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days” (Daniel 12:12).   To me, it simply amazing that they all point to the Feast Days of YHVH and how we can rely on these Feasts with regard to the literal fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

The Passover 2018 and a new 1,260 or 1,290 Day Cycle.

Might it be that from the period of time from March 7th to April 6th, 2018 (9/24/14 +1260 or +1290) (Passover 2018 -March 31st) might usher in the two witnesses or a possible beginning of Tribulation?  After close analysis, I believe that there is a possibility that this final 1,260 day cycle (3.5 years) could be the final cycle that may usher in the return of the Messiah or possibly the Harpazo of his Bride depending on what prophetic events take place on Earth.  We need to pay attention to the details that unfold in the coming months ahead.  The Bible seems to point to either a 1,260 day or 7 year period of time that is considered a time of tribulation while the “Great Distress” or Time of Jacob’s Trouble seems to cover a three year period of time.  Might the gap between September 2021 to September 2024 be the prophetic time of Jacob’s Trouble?  It is certainly to early to know for sure, however as prophecy unfolds, I believe that understanding will become more clear.

The Richardson Theory Graph!

The Richardson Theory Graph of September 2021!

The Richardson Theory Graph of September 2021!

In order to shed some light on where we might find ourselves with regard to the prophetic timeline, I have created this graph known as the Richardson Theory.

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I find myself reflecting on September 23 2017 and what that date might mean as It has been almost 1-1/2 years since I have written an article with regard to the times we are living in and the soon return of Yahshua/Jesus as it has been a time of reflection for myself.  I again feel compelled to begin giving my insight as to the time period we are in the midst of especially as it relates to September 23 2017 and a possible End of Grace as we begin to witness the destructive forces of hurricane Harvey, Irma and possibly Jose impacting the United States just after the Total Solar eclipse that cut through the United States at the beginning of the 6th lunar month of Elul!

The Lunar Months of Elul & Tishri 2017

The Fall Feast Days & The Civil Year!

Understanding the Fall Feast Days of 2017 is critical to understanding Bible prophecy in these latter days!  Pictured is what I have titled, ” THE FALL FEAST DAYS & THE CIVIL YEAR”.  This image will help us with clarity with the season we are coming up too.  At the time of this article, we are in the midst of the 6th month of Elul of 2017 or 5777 on the Hebraic Jewish Calendar.  A look at Torah Calendar will reveal that we will be entering the 7th month of Tishri that just happens to begin the Civil New Year of Rosh Hashanna and the beginning of the Fall Feast Days of Yom Teruah also known as the Feast of Trumpets.  It is the beginning of this 7th month that major biblical events will begin to take place and I especially believe it to be so this coming September 20th well into October.

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Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy Concerning Tabernacles & the Gog and Magog War!

Back in September 24th, 2001, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri would have uttered the following words:

“On Hashanah Rabbah, the actual war of Gog and Magog will commence and will last for some seven years.”

It was widely believed at that time that this prophetic utterance was meant for the year 2001 as the terrorist attacks of 9-11 had happened just 13 days earlier and with the largest U.S. stock market drop in the history of Wall Street happening Continue reading

The Fall Feasts of September 2015 Point to the Beginning of Major World Conflicts!

Are We Truly Headed for World War 3?

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Yerushalayim, all the day and all the night, continually, who are not silent. You who remember יהוה, give yourselves no rest,..”  (Isaiah 62:6)

It is clear that the Feasts of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles went out without much fan fare and without a clear decisive indicator of judgment from the Almighty.  The question remains, does this indicate that the Creator has passed-over His judgment on the nations since Yom Kippur is the Day destined for judgment?  In order to analyzing this properly, I would rather wait and see once the month of Tishri has completely passed in history as Tishri is the 7th (Shmitah) month destined for judgment.

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