Could it be that Passover of 2018 will usher in a possible beginning of Tribulation?  After close analysis, I believe that there is a possibility that this final 1,260 day cycle (3.5 years) could be the final cycle that may usher in the return of the Messiah considering that our current 1,260 day cycle has not.  The Bible is very clear on a 1,260 day period of time of what is referred to as the great tribulation or “Great Distress” as quoted by Yahshua himself.

5-Richardson-TheoryThe Richardson Theory Graph has been updated to reflect this possible start time as noted in the image to the right.  For more information on what transpired in September 2015, please read my past post on this subject matter.  If my timeline is correct, we should witness word shaking events right around March 7th, 2018 plus or minus a month or so.  This date is as a result of adding 1,260 days from September 24, 2014, when “he made a covenant with the many” that would have initiated the final 2,550 days.  My book, September 2021 goes into deeper explanation on why these dates are still relevant and should matter to those who are paying attention.