I find myself reflecting on September 23 2017 and what that date might mean as It has been almost 1-1/2 years since I have written an article with regard to the times we are living in and the soon return of Yahshua/Jesus as it has been a time of reflection for myself.  I again feel compelled to begin giving my insight as to the time period we are in the midst of especially as it relates to September 23 2017 and a possible End of Grace as we begin to witness the destructive forces of hurricane Harvey, Irma and possibly Jose impacting the United States just after the Total Solar eclipse that cut through the United States at the beginning of the 6th lunar month of Elul!

The Lunar Months of Elul & Tishri 2017

The Fall Feast Days & The Civil Year!

Understanding the Fall Feast Days of 2017 is critical to understanding Bible prophecy in these latter days!  Pictured is what I have titled, ” THE FALL FEAST DAYS & THE CIVIL YEAR”.  This image will help us with clarity with the season we are coming up too.  At the time of this article, we are in the midst of the 6th month of Elul of 2017 or 5777 on the Hebraic Jewish Calendar.  A look at Torah Calendar will reveal that we will be entering the 7th month of Tishri that just happens to begin the Civil New Year of Rosh Hashanna and the beginning of the Fall Feast Days of Yom Teruah also known as the Feast of Trumpets.  It is the beginning of this 7th month that major biblical events will begin to take place and I especially believe it to be so this coming September 20th well into October.

The world has witnessed the rise of Nationalism once again as the citizens of the silent majority have elected now President Donald Trump against all odds from the Liberal Establishment/ Neo-Con Republicans that are very much apart and in line with the New World Order Establishment and in contrast at odds to the Spirit of Truth.

The beginning of the 6th lunar month of Elul is a time of testing!  It was Yahshua that began his 40 days of testing on Elul 1 and it was Jonah that began preaching repentance to the people of Nineveh.  The 40 days of repentance ended on Yom Kippur and it has been written that Elohim decided to forgive the people of Nineveh as they as a people repented from their wrong doing, otherwise they would have faced judgment.

The United States seems to be following the same pattern as Nineveh, unfortunately, I am not witnessing a repentance from the citizens with the exception of well meaning Christians and those who have the spirit of truth within them, otherwise this nation seems to be very well divided, proud and arrogant as the establishment system is moving forward to take the power away for President Trump.

I do not believe it a coincidence that two of the most powerful hurricanes have made landfall in Houston and the State of Florida.  This is a time of testing as the Creator is attempting to humble the hearts of the proud and I do not believe it is a coincidence that a total solar eclipse will once again cut through the United States roughly 7 years later this time forming an “X” or “Cross”.  Interestingly enough, the “X” or “Cross” is represented by the Hebrew letter Tav that literally  means a mark or sign with a numeric meaning of 400 that points to the sun and moon as being used as signs on the Mowed or Appointed Feasts.  The signs I am referring to are the Tetrad Blood Moons of 2014/2015 and the recent total solar eclipse that highlight Passover, Sukkot and the 6th lunar month of repentance as well as the Revelation 12 Sign in the constellations of Virgo and Leo that make up the sign.

The Revelation 12 Sign of September 23 2017 Signifies an End of Grace!

Revelation 12 Woman

Revelation 12 Sign- September 23 2017

There are so many spiritual connections and patterns coming to past just this year that I will need to write several articles just to tap into them all.  I believe that September 23 2017 will mark a major milestone in bible prophecy with the Great Sign in the stars that the revelator John wrote about in the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation, literally coming to fulfillment on that “Day”.  This day also lines up with 9/23 that is so well documented within the entertainment industry as being highly significant.   This leads us to ask the question…what will happen September 23rd?  Could it possibly be the End of the Church Age of Grace?  Could it be the Harpozo of the Bride?

I do touch upon this a bit in my book titled, September 2021 as well as other articles I have written; however, with two years to pray and reflect, I do believe that the possibility is high especially since the eve of the Feast of Trumpets takes place on September 20, 2017, basically a three day window of time.